Drive Long Campaign

Drive Long, In a Ssangyong

SsangYong Motor Company is proud to announce the launch of their Drive Long campaign, celebrating our offering of a 7 year, unlimited km, bumper to bumper warranty on all SsangYong models and makes.

Whatever your commute, trade or vocation may be, you can drive long in your brand new SsangYong.

A lot can happen within seven years. As part of our campaign, we were able to collect some interesting facts about what Australian Drivers do on average in the car in seven years.

This analytical data was provided by YouGov.

 See below some rather interesting facts about what Australian Drivers do on average within seven years on the road.

Within 7 Years an Australian Driver will...

Make 5,063 individual trips


Have their driving style critiqued 393 times


Sing like a rockstar 979 times


Open the rear hatch of their cars 1,343 times


Talk to themselves in their car 1,281 times


Tell their kids to be quiet 876 times


Reverse park 1,506 times

Let out a sneaky fart in their car 1,187 times


Gen X will take 5,675 trips whereas...


Play songs 3,167 times

Pick their noses in their cars 655 times

...Baby Boomers take 4,277

Argue over directions 302 time

Kiss someone in their car 1,041 times

Men will open their windows 2,162 times

Have 877 hands-free phone calls

Eat 495 sneaky snacks (because nobody's watching)

...compared to women 1,809 times

1,405 times do school runs


Cry in their car 317 times